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What is Home Health Care?

Home health care is skilled nursing, therapeutic or personal assistance service rendered to eligible patients within the comfort and privacy of their homes.

Why is Home Health Care Necessary?

Home health care is important because it is a less expensive way of receiving health care services for discharged hospital patients who need additional care to heal and recuperate. Returning to ones home and family has been proven to be effective in promoting quicker recovery rates as well as improve the quality of life of patients.

Who is eligible for home care services?
Any patient who meets the following conditions is eligible for homecare services.

  • Must be homebound. (This means that the patient undergoes normal inability to leave the home, and that leaving the home requires considerable and taxing effort)
  • The skilled care must be medically necessary and ordered by the physician

Who pays for home health care?

Most health insurance companies, HMOs, PPOs and Workers Compensation cover home health care. In addition, Medicare and Medicaid pay for home care services for patients that are eligible. In some instances the patients may pay for services that are not covered by the insurance provider which is known as private pay patients.

What if I need care at night or the weekend?

Assured Home Care Services, has registered nurses, licensed nurse practioners, certified nurse assistants and Home Health Aides on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week

How does Assured Home Care Services, ensure quality care in the home?

In order to ensure quality care to our patients, it is the policy of Assured Home Care Services to provide ongoing patient evaluation and satisfaction survey. Our quality improvement team also works tirelessly to ensure and promote favorable outcomes for our patients.

How do I find out more about home health care?

Please call our office to schedule a Home Care Coordination visit and/or Assessment Phone: (240) 472-5758